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Closed Ended on: 09/30/2016
Winning bid: $118.00

Currently, polling of open pull requests is done on a fixed interval. We want it to have a cron-based scheduler instead.

Closed Ended on: 09/30/2016
Winning bid: $201.00

To whitelist licenses for license finder, users can use the command

$ license_finder whitelist add "Apache 2.0"

However, this becomes tedious and repetitive when we want to whitelist the same license, but spelt differently for different projects. For example, the Apache license could be specified as "Apache 2.0", "Apache License (2.0)", "apache, version 2.0".

Closed Ended on: 09/30/2016
Winning bid: $96.00

As a user, I want an autofix for the eslint-plugin-react/jsx-first-prop-new-line rule.

Closed Ended on: 09/30/2016
Winning bid: $100.00

We want rcanary to not spam alerts on repeated failures.

Closed Ended on: 09/21/2016
Winning bid: $1.00

This auction has been cancelled

There have been major design changes to this library, so this task is no longer required and the auction is cancelled. Sorry for any inconvenience caused. Do try one of our other auctions instead.

We want to convert NULL strings to nil objects for CorpPass user objects.

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